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      > H-beam Production Line
      > Welding Rotators
      > Welding Positioner
      > Welding Manipulator
      > CNC Cutting Machine
      > H-beam Combination Workstation
      > Box Beam Production Line
      > High Frequency Welded Pipe Unit
      > Shot Blasting Machine
      > Milling and Beveling Machines
      > End Face Milling Machine
      > Pipe Welding Machine
      > Strip Cladding Welding System
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      TEL: 0510-83050687
      Company Profile
          WUXI GUOHENG MACHINERY CO., LTD started in 2003, who is mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing, installation and sales of steel-structure equipment. As a member of China Construction Metal Structure Association and China Steel Construction Society, we manufacture CNC cutting equipment, H-beam steel production line, box-beam product line, welding colun&boom manipulator, welding rotator, welding positioner, and so on. And has gained good reputation with the high-quality products and services based on economic strength, hi-tech equipment, scientific management and perfect service.

      After many years of unremitting efforts, our company boasts products of reliable quality and superior performance as well as a capability to entertain various individual requirements from our clients in the process of production with regard to separate design and standard.

      The products produced by our company are well sold in as many as over 20 provinces and cities around the country and enjoy a good market in Asia, Europe, and America as well. The wide established after-sales network of our company and its many branch offices spread all over the country and also some countries in Southeastern Asia are able to offer fist-class technical support to our after-sales products. We warmly welcome your patronage and will serve our clients both at home and abroad with products of superior quality and excellent service geared to the trend of further development as always.
      Contact Us
      Address: 100# Tianshun Road, Huishan Dist., Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China

      Contact: Wenmao Shi (Jack)

      Mobile Phone: +86-18661008747

      Tel: +86-510 83050687
      Fax: +86-510 83050787
      Website: www.jianhuagg.com

      E-mail: guoheng@guohengjx.com;


      CNC Flame&Plasma Cutting Machine for Steel Plate Profiling
      WG-76 type straight seam welded pipe unit
      T / I / H Beam Automatic Welding Line
      Bolt Adjustable Tank Turning Roll with Bogie , PU roller , 300T
      Self Aligning Rotator with PU Rollers 40T
      Light duty Welding Column&Boom Manipulators
      Conventional Welding Positioner(100KG—2,000KG)
      Pipe Automatic Welding Machine
      Self-alignment Tank Rotator(5T—60T)
      Edge Milling Machine
      H-beam Shot Blasting Machine
      End Face Milling Machine
      Fixed Upper Press-beam Edge Milling Machine
      Conventional Welding Positioner(5000KG—20,000KG)
      Medium Duty Welding Column&Boom Manipulators
      Self-alignment Tank Rotator(80T—100T )
      End Face Milling Machine
      Manual Elevating Welding Positioner(1000KG—6,000KG)
      Conventional Bolt Adjustable Tank Rotator(2T—250T)
      START SH-2200H Flame/Plasma Cutter CNC system
      H-beam Assembly Machine
      Lead-screw Tank Rotator(2T—40T)
      Horizontal Turntables
      American Hypertherm Micro EDGE Pro
      Double Cantilever type H-beam Automatic Welding Machine
      Heavy Duty Welding Column&Boom Manipulators
      American Hypertherm Edge Pro
      Ultra Heavy Duty Welding Column&Boom Manipulators
      LHA Gantry type H-beam Automatic Welding Machine
      Hydraulic type Fit-up Tank Rotator
      Head and Tailstock Welding Positioner(1T—100T)
      Spanish FAGOR 8037 CNC system
      Triple torch
      Single Cantilever type H-beam Automatic Welding Machine
      Automatic Height Controller-Hypertherm Sensor PHC
      Mechanical type H-beam Flange Straightening Machine
      Anti-drift type Welding Rotator
      Hydraulic type H-beam Flange Straightening Machine
      End Face Milling Machine
      H-beam Shot Blasting Machine
      100# Tianshun Road, Yangshan Associated Industrial Park, Huishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China 
      Fax: +86-510 83050787 Tel: +86-510 83050687  Website: www.jianhuagg.com  E-mail: guoheng@guohengjx.com
      Wuxi Networks:Juntong